World’s first mobile phone call

You need to go back just 40 years back in time to reach the moment of the first cell phone call. Not so long ago right? And since more than 70% of the world’s population has s smartphone today, back then the first mobile phone cost quite an amount- nearly $4000.

Dr. Martin Cooper – the father of mobile phones

Martin Cooper, a young engineer at Motorola, is considered as the father of the first cell phone. While this was not the first attempt to transfer phone call into the cellular network, Martin Cooper saw the opportunity to create a “personal phone”- a commercial and convenient device.

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He made his first phone call in 1973 when Cooper called a rival company to inform them about his invention. If case you haven’t seen anything older than Apple’s first iPhone you can imagine, that Cooper’s phone weighted over 1 kilo and was more than 20 cm long device.

Besides its enormous size, the first mobile phone took over 10 hours to charge and allowed no more than 30 minutes talk.

Martin Cooper was involved in the idea of cellular telephony years before his breakthrough. He helped with the creation of handheld radio used by the police. Motorola’s rival at this time- AT&T have started research for cell phone inserted into a car. Martin over sought the significance of cellular technology, but applied to everyday consumer’s point of view; he thought mankind needed a flexible and handy device, rather than phone car.


Dyna-Tac was the name of Cooper’s phone. IT took a decade to launch the first phones for commercial use. After Dyna-Tac had been presented to the public, Motorola achieved permission from the government to introduce cell phones to companies. The cost of mobile phones was huge; there was increasing demand for cellular phones. At these times, only people over $4000 per month for telephone series could afford to have one.

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The new generation phones

Dyna-Tac was a 1st generation phone / 1G/, using an analog cellular connection. In the 90’s 2G phones took the place of first designs. 2G phones were using digital transmission. The first GSM systems came on the stage, and the first GSM network was born.

1994 IBM launched their Simon- probably the first smartphone ever made- It was a multipurpose all-in-one device

nokia cell phone

Then two years later Nokia launched their compact clamshell phone, followed by pretty much smaller phones –the timeless and world’s leading Nokia 3210, then Ericsson R380, using the first Symbian OS. A couple of more other different phones appeared on the market, such as the notorious Blackberry 7730 and LG’s model C2500, before Apple made the biggest breakthrough with their first iPhone.

The Millenium broke int people’s lives with higher demand for fast data transmission and internet browsing. The 3G broadband network was live in 2002 introducing e new level of communications, making phones something necessary in everyday life.


Today we live in the 4G era where not having good coverage or internet connection is similar to torture. Perhaps we don’t realize what great role the first phone call played to our lives and routine, but we are this secular, constantly connected society thanks to the first steps made in the direction of cellular technology.

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