Why to visit Hawaii?

Hawaii night view

From wherever you see it, the state of Hawaii is far away. Seriously just check the map, yep it is that far away from everything. So why would anybody be interested in traveling so much?

Hawaii beach front

It’s beaches!

That was predictable, wasn’t it? But how can somebody resist such a beautiful landscape?

See the Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve. It is gorgeous!


It was a volcano crater and now there is a coral reef and it is amazing for snorkeling. Or maybe you prefer Lanikai beach with its super transparent water and soft sand. There is even a black sand beach, its name is Punaluu. The black-colored sand warms more than the regular one and that attracts turtles who like to lay on the hot beach.

Here on the volcanic islands, the surfing has deep traditions.


It was part of the locals for many years. It is so important for these people that they consider it as a form of art. So if you are a surfer here you can call yourself an artist as well. Thanks to the location it has and the tropical climate Hawaii is a perfect spot for wave lovers. High waves, pipelines, and powerful reef breaks. The only problem is it is expensive, but if you are already here, why to miss it?

They are huge and magnificent.Take a hiking tour on the big island and you will be amazed.

The Volcanoes National Park is stunning

First, you cross the forest part and then It looks like you are on another planet. The scenery changes complete and everything turn gray. You will feel the sulfur tickling your nose. The smoke of the burning ground hell-like earth is scary. At the end of the trip, you will get to see the lava. It looks like a heart of a dragon.

They are many so for sure you will see some. One that we recommend you is the Waipio located in the Waimea Canyon on Kauai. It is 700 feet high and the surroundings look so contrasted and amazing. If you want to see even higher you can get to Molokai and admire the view of Kahiwa Falls. And one small put with a trick  Wailua Falls. It is easy to reach and there you can see a rainbow almost all the time, a perfect spot for a picture.  

Maybe you wandering already when is the best time to visit Hawaii? I’ll help you with that when is the best time to visit Hawaii.


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