Why is babywearing so beneficial?


Babywearing is a term we refer to carrying your baby close to your heart (your front body part) with a kangaroo or swing. Today, the market is quite generous with such baby and maternity accessories, which is evidence number one that babywearing is indeed, quite beneficial and essential. Through the years, and even since the ancient times of human kids, babies were carried, but not “driven,” “swung” or “transferred” with strollers. We tend to restore this tendency, but the best thing to do so is, of course, to list all of the benefits that babywearing hides. Here are the most important among them, dear mamas:

More practical and convenient for you as a mom because you cannot get in any store with the stroller! And your motions are sufficiently limited by the stroller while having your baby on your body makes you move anywhere you want with no single limit.


Breastfeeding becomes easier

Experts believe that mothers, who prefer to carry their babies are much braver and better in breastfeeding. And how could not this be truth? After all, when you have a hungry baby, you will immediately feed it up when it is on your body!

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It is better for your emotional relationship

No one will deny that when having your baby carried on your body and so close to yourself, you get connected with it faster and stronger. This is how the child gets attached to you as a parent, too. You might not believe, but this is an attachment you will actually appreciate 16 years later when you are going to face the teen problems at home.

Babies get more social when being carried

In a stroller, a baby is isolated from everything, mainly from human touch, smell, etc. When a baby is brought by his mother, he learns from the very beginning of its life that it is important to be close with people.

It is safer to have your baby closer to you

You can’t protect your child so fast and so intuitively if having it in a stroll half a meter in front of your hands. But when you hold it and have it close to your body, you are giving your child maximum protection and prevent it from any physical or mental danger.

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It is proven that babywearing leads to smarter babies

Indeed, scientists have confirmed that those mothers who always carry their babies, actually help them grow mentally faster. According to a recent research mothers with slings raise kids with higher grades at school than those, who used to prefer the stroller.

When a baby is carried, it simply cries less

Do we really have to give some explanations about this fact? Well, you actually hold your baby when it starts crying, right? The thing is that if you carry your baby most of the time, it will stop crying that often!

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