What is Paneurhythmy?

Paneurhythmy might not be a term we have all heard about, but it must be attractive to each of you to find out more about this science, philosophy, style of life or whatever you ‘ll prefer to call it after understanding it. We are here today to offer you the simplest explanation about Paneurhythmy because to tell you the truth there’s a big amount of materials you can find: including books and doctrines to read if you are public libraries lover. If you are not, though, you can count on us and our introduction to the world of Paneurhythmy, where we are going to simply explain what this is.


So let’s get started.

Paneurhythmy comes from three main words, which hide the meaning behind this philosophy: pan, which means whole, universal or cosmic, eu that means true harmony and finally: rhythm, which as you can guess, refers to music, movements and motional expression of life. Eventually, the entire term behind Paneurhythmy can be described as a conception that understands dancing as a way to communicate with the whole universe and eventually get yourself in harmony with the surrounding people and the world.

According to Paneurhythmy followers, harmonious and dancing motions are those that let you open various Earth portals to consume their energy and to learn to do new things, become better, healthier, happier. On the other side, the Cosmos, itself, does allow you to get all of these, because with your motions and dancing, harmonious movements and communications signals you transfer through your body, you bless it, welcomes and praise it.

Paneurhythmy has been established by Master Beinsa Douno.

Beinsa DounoHe is the first teacher of this movement, and he believed that music and movements are spiritual techniques to communicate with the Cosmic powers we cannot see with naked eyes or hear with bear ears. Today, the movement is quite famous across the whole world. Mostly, it finds some huge and decent honest audience of followers mainly in the following countries: Bulgaria, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Great Britain Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Costa Rica, USA, and many others. Detached societies that are devoted to the Paneurhythmy movement come together to celebrate their brotherhood and love to dancing and the cosmos basically in summer, when it is possible to gather right beyond the stars, generally on a vast and deserted meadow.

It is curious to know that Paneurhythmy is linked to the conception that is oriented to spiritual liberation, as well as befriending the best in each other, and uniting the creative with the constructive principles in life. Some Paneurhythmy followers even cure diseases through music, while others claim that it is dancing what makes them heal their inner body or their souls to become truly happy, but not just satisfied by some objects people buy today in order to delude themselves for being happy…

Paneurhythmy is a movement that teaches in love and harmony. But it is also an artistic style of living through the music, the dance and the body God has given to you.


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