🔺Triangle Symbolism, Meaning and Representation

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A triangle is extremely ancient.

The shape of the triangle you can see in nature in the shapes of animals and tree leaves. It is very used to portray various meanings in religion and science.

The triangle is a universal symbol signifying a wide variety of trinities. According to the Christianity, it represents the Father (God), Son and Holy Ghost; in the Egyptian system Osiris-Isis-Horus and the Greco-Roman Zeus-Poseidon-Hades.

Based on its position, it can symbolize genders. It will express the power of the male when the point is directed upwards. If you turn it on the other side directed downwards, it will represent the sexual nature of the female.

The peaks in triangles make us think of greatness and superiority. Just see the three stripes in Adidas’s logo. It is done to show you a mountain. It is a challenge to push yourself and to be the best you can.

Triangles also can lead our eye in a certain way.

triangle third eyeBecause of its shape, our eyes naturally follow the direction of the tip. An upright triangle will make us watch up; a triangle on its side will move our eye sideways to the left or right. It is why the universal symbol of play is a triangle.

Triangles can mean stability when they’re upright. Like this, they feel stable and balanced. At the moment you invert them, they start feeling unbalanced, unstable and risky.

They can symbolize conflict and action. delta symbolThe mathematical symbol delta (triangle) means difference, a change and in many countries the traffic sign that indicates hazard is a triangle.

For whatever reason, you want to use this symbol, get professional advice. If it is about your brand, get a designer to advise you and help you with the goal; if it is to increase the energy in your home, find an expert on the topic.

It is a powerful symbol that can raise you up or bury you deep in the ground. Triangle is not the only one symbol that has a supernatural meaning, there are a lot more.

  1. That is really interesting. I never would have thought that the triangle could bring about negative connotations when using it as a graphic for business. Definitely something to keep in mind.

  2. Three lines show the pinpoints of three at the start and end of each, and three of its own objects are just short of one inside it. It takes a additional triangle in it or out of it to produce the mass of a triangle.

    Still, very interesting stuff!

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