Top sports depending on the number of calories they burn

If not being a professional, two are the main reasons you chose sport as part of your life: staying in shape and having fun. But sports as an entertainment form is a matter of personal taste and preferences. Well, as to keeping yourself fit, you need to consider one important feature a sports discipline comes with: the number of calories it burns. All of these made us offer you the list of the top sports depending on the number of calories they burn. Here is the chart we ended up (the last sports disciplines burns the most calories!).

seekandread - golf


Someone might have lied to you saying that golf isn’t a sport, especially a discipline to burn calories. But that’s not truth. Because everything burns a specific amount of calories (even working on the computer, while sitting for 8 hours per day), you should know that golf is a sports discipline and it burns about 250 calories per hour.

seekandread - sport dancing

Sports dancing

If there is a reason someone lets you call dancing a sports discipline, the having fun factor is on, right? Well, dancing is also excellent at burning calories. You will burn more than 300 calories per hour if you actively improve your salsa, cha-cha or rumba.


Winter sports are cool for the fact in most cases they are extreme. Plus – for people, who are not ready to have training round the entire year, the seasonal character of the winter sports sounds good. The best winter sports for burning calories is skiing: about 400 calories per hour, which is quite good isn’t it?


Here is one very uncommon and unpopular, but yet suitable to lose weight and make your body stronger sports discipline. Rowing is not only great to improve your masculine look, but also to lose weight as it burns about 500 calories per hour.

seekandread -basketball


One of the most popular sports ever burns up to 600 calories per hour. We love the game, and about 75% of young Americans play it for fun. The curious thing is that this percentage has been growing significantly in Europe for the last couple of years, too.


Like wrestling, boxing is also a great way to relax from the stress, while turning yourself into real, stable and reliable men. Plus – it is a very intensive sports discipline that will get you sweating from the first to the last minute of your daily workout training. Count more than 650 calories down, if you train boxing, guys. And, girls, too! Why not?

seekandread - sport swimming


Only 50 to 100 calories less than the number one in our chart, swimming does not only burn 800 calories but is also very beneficial against spinal, muscle and bone fractures or disorders.

seekandread - sports running


Expect to burn up to 900 calories per hour. Running is the number one sports discipline when it comes to burning calories, which is why it is the most certain alternative for you to lose weight without letting your skin loosen.

  1. I really like implementing all kinds of sports into my workout regime, so you don’t get bored. Also, the number of calories you burn depends on the intensity of a workout. By running I can lose more calories in half an hour if I do HIIT than I would be doing a whole hour of slow running/jogging.

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