Top 10 Places to Fall in Love

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Who does not want to love and be loved? But where to find love in this fast-paced, internet-obsessed world we live in?

Modern people are finding it difficult to meet a partner and even harder to settle down. The times have changed for better or worse.

Some of us may need a little help in the quest for love. In this article, we will help you discover the best places for you to meet new people and a suitable partner. To get most of it, be creative and set your imagination free.
But before we get into our top 10 places to fall in love, we have some useful advice for you.

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First of all, you need to know yourself very well. The bigger the passion you have for something, the bigger the likelihood you will establish a strong connection with someone. And the stronger the bond, the greater the chance of a happy relationship. So, know your passions and follow them.

Find the environments in which you are most comfortable, doing what you love, in the company of people who you feel confident with. These circumstances help you relax and be yourself, and these are the situations when life will intersect with the right person for you. This is because probably the person you are looking for is in the same situation and circumstances because of the same reasons. This common mind frame is what will bring you together.

Our next advice would be to think well of the person you are seeking and even write down how you imagine them. This will make the next steps easy. When you complete this task start asking yourself where it is likely to meet such a person. If you have a point in your list which says he must share your passion for traveling, cooking or astronomy this is already a clue where you may meet such a person.

Now let’s check the top 10 places where you can meet the love of your life.


1. Events

Check your Facebook and see which events your friends are going to. That does not mean to go to every public event, but select the ones you think you might enjoy like exhibitions, store openings, etc. This is an excellent way to meet people and mingle, and it does not matter if you are going alone or not. Other significant events for meeting new people are festivals, business conferences and of course weddings.

2. Birthday parties

Forget all the excuses – busy week at work, the horrible flu and so on and take the opportunity to go to the birthday parties of your friends. You need to venture into the world to meet someone. Keep your social life intact and expand your circle of friends, this is crucial and will help you meet a partner.

3. Public transport

Why not take the public transport to work for a change? The subway is full of attractive people who may be a great match for you. It is easy to talk to someone you see reading your favorite book. If you like the thrill, you can even give a note with your phone number to someone you like just before getting off the train.

4. Volunteering

Volunteering is great in more than one ways. You are giving back, helping people in need, surrounding yourself with a group of like-minded individuals, who, like you, like to help. Choose a cause you care about and get into it; you will meet some guys like you and at very least you will make some friends.


5. Dog Parks

Getting a dog is a very good idea if you love animals. You will Have both a best friend and loving companion right away. Dogs can make you a happier and more active person. Plus, the walks in the dog parks are a good way to meet someone special. The dog walks are opening opportunities to meet new people, and our furry friends are great conversation starters. Of course, dogs are not an accessory, so you need to think very well before getting one.

6. School

Even if the school days are in the past for you, learning something new is exciting at any age. Maybe you always wanted to learn how to sing, cook or scuba dive. Going back to class is the perfect opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Plus, all the people there will share at least one interest with you, and that is sometimes enough to connect. Remember the days when you used to know so many people in school? You can experience that again.


7. Online

The internet is one of the most popular places to get to know someone, from social media to dating sites, there are millions of nice people just a click away. Online dating has turned into one of the preferred ways to meet new people without leaving your home. However, things online can get a bit tricky sometimes, just read the descriptions carefully and make sure the accounts are not fake. If you have not visited a dating site yet, go ahead and check it out to see if it is your cup of tea.

8. Clubs

Next Friday or Saturday evening call a bunch of your friends and go to a club or a bar. Karaoke places are also a very good idea because all those managers, architects and hard -working people during the day go to have some fun in the evenings. The big downside of clubs and bars is that the noise level is high and it ‘s hard to have a conversation. Another thing is that people go out and after having some drinks they can show a side we do not necessarily like.

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9. The Gym

If you are an active person and you love sports, you may want a partner to share this passion with. So, next time you go to the gym do not put the headphones ignoring everyone around. You may want to check the people in the gym and even ask for some help with an exercise or choosing the right settings on a machine.

10. Waiting areas

Airport lounges and waiting rooms are an excellent place to meet people and talk to them. That is if you take a break from your smartphone and actually strike up a conversation with someone sitting close to you.

The best places to find the right person for you is probably on your mind right now, you just need to go there smiling and open to meet new people. Do not push, love likes peace and happiness.

If you are not ready just yet work on yourself and ask yourself the question: what person would my dream partner be attracted to and am I that person right now?

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