These are possible reasons why you don’t have a partner in life yet

Being a single seems to be fun in your 20s or after a long-lasting and truly exhausting relationship, but eventually, everyone needs or even dreams to settle down. When things get serious, which means when you are after your 30th birthday or you just a family, you are starting asking yourself questions. Mainly, a person tends to blame himself for numerous things or to blame the opposite sex.

However, it is more important not to make someone guilty, but to figure it out what you need to change to change your Facebook and life status, too. These are possible reasons why you don’t have a partner in your life yet.

high standards

Your standards are impressively high

It’s good to look for something that is worth it. And it is not ok to make too many compromises when it comes to a partner for life. However, your partner must be your reflection. Try to keep the balance between you both, but not to seek the perfect match. There’s no such a thing.

Just don’t be that bitch / rude guy anymore

If you are always negative and your primary goal isn’t to find a partner for life, but just to be either Mr. Right or Mrs. Always Right, forget it. You might not have grown up in a mature relationship yet and you, are playing some teen games that cannot refer to a real family.

You keep living in past

You keep living in past

That guy that hurt you must have already forgotten your middle name. And the girl that you used to date two years ago might be already married and even with a big baby bump. What are you still doing except for losing your time in remembering things that you might call memories,  but certainly are some sick modified events your only thing that happened?

looking on the right place

You are not looking the right place

There’s no such a thing as the right place. Did you know that 65% of the hottest party girls we are used to seeing in the club usually find their husbands in completely different (definitely not discos or bars) places like the groceries’, the hospital or even on the way to their workplace? Sometimes, you need to stop looking for to find something. And with the relationship, this is a total truth.

You are not making any tries

It is good to look for someone who’s going to love what you are, but going for a drink with your old T-shirt or without even putting any makeup after having the worst acne removal facial procedure and your face is all over red is just wrong. And it’s not only about your appearance. When you see a guy, who likes you but feels shy to ask you for a date, make the first move.

He doesn’t bite, right?

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