The Truth About Feminine Energy!


The notion of feminine energy has recently become a topic of discussion.

It has turned into a buzz word, which has a much deeper meaning and profound application than many people realize. We will attempt to break it down so that our readers can understand it more easily and see how powerful it can be.

What is Feminine Energy?

Being a female or a woman does not define the feminine energy. In fact, it has no gender; it goes beyond it. The words feminine and masculine are adjectives that help us relate and put some of our human experience in context.

The explanation of what female energy is will be much easier if we break the phrase down to its parts – feminine and energy.

We can define feminine as the qualities that are traditionally related to being a woman like emotions, sensitivity, gentleness, etc. Energy is power, the capacity of being active. We love chocolate because it gives us energy. When we take these two concepts together, we get the power of feminine characteristics. Depending on how well it is balanced it can work for or against us.


The feminine side is loving, creative and intelligent, it has the qualities of our compassion, intuition, empathy and emotion. People with strong feminine energy have a good connection to their intuition and body, and they can base decisions on feelings. Feminine energy comes from the right-brain. However, people who are too heavy of their feminine energy can lose their personal power and look weak.
The energetic balance is what brings us to wholeness, a combination of strength and softness will bring positive progress. 

Feminine vs. Masculine Energy

The concepts of masculine and feminine energy are quite powerful when understood, and they have some rational and practical application too. To fully grasp what they stand for, one must have an open mind and the ability to challenge social conditions.

Each and every one of us has both masculine and feminine energy. They both play an important role in human life. To make things even more objective, we will break down some of the characteristics related to the masculine and feminine energy:

Feminine: being, abstract, intuitive, patient, nurturing, right brain, creative, soft
Masculine: doing, concrete, analytical, impatient, rushing, left brain, logical, hard

First, it is very important to say that masculine vs. feminine is not good vs. bad; these are objectively opposite and necessary energies. Saying one energy is worse than the other is just like saying men are worse than women. But actually, to be in harmony, we need to balance these two energies within us. We are all searching for balance to be healthier and happier.

loveA woman or a man who represses their feminine energy may replace the emptiness and missing softness they feel, with ambition and strive for accomplishment. They let the mind guide their life. The rational thinking is very important, but without the heart and emotions, it becomes critical, cold and harsh. On the other hand, a woman or a man who represses their masculine side will have troubles making important decisions in life. So, what is needed is balance! 


How to Find Balance?

Many times men and women are defined as magnets. There is a polarizing effect which depends on how much feminine or masculine energy each gender has.
The Yin Yang symbol is a good example. It shows both energies: Yin is the feminine and Yang the masculine. Yin is dark and negative; Yang is bright and positive. If we split the symbol and look closer, we will notice some interesting things.

Let’s look at the Yin. There is a circle inside, and for the Yin to be in perfect harmony, it must first balance its own Yin Yang which is this small circle inside. So, the feminine energy needs to balance its inner, core masculine and feminine energy.

This is the power source of the feminine energy, so it is very important for it to be in a spiritual balance.

Reaching this balance of energies is an art, and like any great art, it takes time, effort and maturity to cultivate it. Many people struggle to equalise their energies; some have a disproportionate amount of masculine energy, others are heavy of their feminine energy. But many have taken on the journey to achieve balance.
There are a few things that may help connect with the internal energy and balance it.

The first ones are visualization and breathing. They are amazing tools to help anyone get reconnected with the distorted and repressed part. Meditative breathing is a great way to start. Just sit in a comfortable and peaceful place, take several deep breaths into the belly for some minutes and connect to yourself.Notice how your body feels and pay attention to thoughts, emotions and visual images that come to mind. Focus on that place in you which feels discomfort and find a way to understand how to connect with it.


Lets start first with this what is Feminism? If the feminine part is suppressed, it will require more self-loving effort and time, which means you should work on the relationship with yourself. If the masculine side is troubling you, you may have to be brave and speak about an issue or anything that is bothering you.
By understanding these energies, we begin our journey to mindfulness and authentic life. These inner energies are so powerful that if we learn how to work with them, they will help us connect with our true self, regardless of what others want us to be.
i belive in me

Combining the feminine and masculine energies, we can bring harmony in our life and love, trust and understand ourselves better.

We hope we have inspired you to take on your own journey to balance and harmony. To achieve it, it’s important to remember that the male has an inner feminine, and the female has an inner masculine energy. The first step is to open your mind and let yourself see the energy in a new perspective. Finding our own Yin Yang is an art, which is not easy to master, but is definitely worth trying!

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