The Story of the Homeless Man Who Did the Right Thing!

Not many of us can imagine an honest and good man when they see someone sleeping on the street. At least not right away. But this story will prove that homeless people have values and character even when they have hit rock bottom in their lives.

We will tell you about the kind gesture of a man who has recently received donations and thousands of job offers. Despite his difficult situation, he returned a bag of shopping worth two hundred pounds to the owner. His name is Gary, and he was desperate to find the owner of a bag he found in a phone box.

The bag contained a suit and other items from Greenwoods Men Fashion store in Liverpool worth two hundred pounds.

Gary had just been beaten and abused by a gang of cruel thugs a week before and needed urgent medical help. However, he called the store trying to get in touch with the owner of the suit he had found.
The store manager Les, says that a homeless man called stating that he found someone’s shopping, but it was almost impossible to find out who the owner was. Les managed to find the details of their customer and called him saying his costume had been found. Gary had previously applied for a part-time job at the store, so Les was able to call him back.

The homeless man took the opportunity to meet the owner of the suit and give it back personally. The owner was so happy that he said this meeting always brings a smile on his face when he thinks about it.
Les is amazed that Gary did not sell the suit but rang the store instead and according to him finding the owner of the lost items was a miracle.
After getting his shopping back, Lewis Roberts shared the story on Facebook.

He praised Gary’s actions, expressed his gratitude and amazement about the fact that despite being homeless. Gary still returned the items which he could have sold.
Gary, who weighs just nine stone, explained the reason why he gave the shopping back to Lewis. He said that the reason why the guy bought the suit was important– maybe it was for his wedding or a funeral. This is why Gary wanted to give it back as soon as possible. He said he knew he could have sold it but that would not have been honest. Gary thought what he did was the right thing.

Darren Galvin created a fundraising page to help Gary because people all over the world are eager to donate. Darren created the page after he saw the heart-warming Facebook post-Lewis published. The creator of the page and other supporters want to help Gary get on his feet.

Daren shared with the media that he wanted to help the homeless people in his community for a very long time, but he did not know how. This story inspired him actually to do something. The Greenwoods store is also helping with this cause.
Despite the offers he had received, Gary is still struggling to find accommodation. Unfortunately, he is not the only one. Many homeless people find it hard to get a place to live. The waiting lists for hostels are full and getting a flat is impossible. As homeless people do not have an address they cannot get housing benefits and even if they do, most landlords do not accept it. So, it is a vicious circle which is very hard to get out of.

Still, Gary is overwhelmed by the amount of support he received after his story was shared on social media. He says he has not seen something like that before and he feels like a celebrity even out on the streets of Liverpool. People are offering him money constantly, but he does not want it because he is a proud man and instead he wants to give back. He got £20 from a lady one day, and he shared it with other homeless friends.

People come up to him offering bottles of cider and food. However, Gary shared that what breaks his heart is that people think he is going to rob them because of his appearance. But he is not on drugs, he does not even beg and always tries to be clean and to look decent.

Gary’s story has been published all over the media. For the interviewers, he says he only wants to thank everyone and that he is humbled by the love complete strangers have shown him.
He is also glad he applied for a part-time job at Greenwoods because otherwise, he would not have been able to recover Lewis’ shopping.

The store announced they are giving Gary a parka coat to keep him warm in the winter. They are doing some fittings for a suit so that he can go to interviews in the future. The spokesperson of the Greenwoods store said that he thinks it is fantastic what Gary did, a great act of kindness, so they really want to help him.

Everybody wants 2017 to be Gary’s best year, and many people are willing to take action and make it possible.

Just recently, a new study by the charity Crisis revealed shocking data about the homeless population in Britain. Statistics show that almost 80% of the rough sleepers were attacked over the past year. Living on the streets is getting even harder as violence and abuse are becoming more widespread.
Sometimes even a small thing we do makes a huge difference in the life of a homeless person. If we want to help it is important to make the first step, no matter how small it is.

  1. Many people have such a terrible view of those that are homeless. I sympathize with those on the street or living in shelters as I have been in the same situation myself – twice. It only takes a few bad eggs to tarnish the reputation for this large group of people, but stories like this show the side of many that you may see but be fearful of. Good on Gary <3

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