The Role of Organic Products in Modern Life

organic applesOrganic foods have become an important part of the modern lifestyle and diet. More and more people are drawn to them for many reasons, and we are here to discuss some of the most important ones.
Organic products are not just hype; their popularity is based on an important shift in consumer behavior and attitudes towards more sustainable, healthier, slower and happier living. Choosing fresh, organic foods not only helps people feel better, but this choice is an important step to preserve the environment. Buying organic food is actually a vote for good health and a brighter future of our planet.

The popularity of organic food is an answer to the growing ecological, agricultural and social problems. People choosing organic food are making a statement. Some do it because they want to show support for farmers, some do it because of the environment, others are concerned about biodiversity, but we, as people, are also worried about our own body exposed to pesticides, hormones and other harmful substances in the food we eat every day. The reasons for choosing organic produce are closely connected to modern problems. Below we will look at these reasons to understand why organic products have become such an important part of our modern lifestyle and a conscious choice of a growing number of people.

organic bread and olives

The notion of avoiding chemicals

Many people are raising their voices and trying to show the world the cocktail of chemicals and poisons used by companies to grow food. Although the chemicals used in agriculture have been diet tested, the long-term effects of most of them are still unknown. Some of the most toxic pesticides require specialized testing methods which many of the governmental agencies and authorities rarely apply. So, in the end, most of the consumers eat food full of chemicals and pesticides. To oppose that more and more people start choosing organically grown products. Organic foods also help say NO to GMO (genetically modified food). Organically grown produce cannot be modified in any way, so choosing it is a way to be sure that there is no genetic engineering in our meals.

organic chicken

Organic animal products help us avoid antibiotics, hormones and drugs used on animals. Conventional dairy and meat products are high-risk foods because they contain harmful substances. A large part of the pesticide in our meals comes from fish, eggs, meat and dairy products. Animals are fed with growth hormones and drugs which are all passed to humans. So, choosing organic animal products is very important, especially for young children and pregnant women.

organic salads
More nutrients and better taste

Organic foods have more vitamins, enzymes, minerals and other nutrients than commercial food because the soil used to grow them is nourished with sustainable and responsible practices. There are various studies comparing the nutritional value of organic and conventional food to conclude that there is a significant difference in some key nutrients. But this is not all, organic food also tastes better, again because of the well-balanced soil. These products are not grown for their appearance, but for their taste.


More and better jobs

Organic farming has created and supports over half-million jobs in the U.S alone. This number is more than what the conventional food industry would have created. There are no pesticides used, so this means that farmworkers are not exposed to dangerous chemicals. They work in much cleaner and healthier working environment.

Less pollution and more biodiversity

Organic practices do not pollute streams and groundwater with heavy chemicals as the commercially grown agriculture does, they do not destroy the quality and fertility of farmland either. The standards forbid the use of any chemicals in farming, and there are special ways to manage the soil, farming process and biodiversity in a responsible way. Organic farms also promote energy independence, because many of the fertilizers and chemicals are made with fossil fuels.
Moreover, pesticides are one of the key factors in the declining number of bees. Organic farms are a natural habitat for many species which directly supports biodiversity.

The fast loss of agricultural species occurring today is a major environmental issue. Only a small number of varieties of potatoes and crops dominate the marketplace today, while just some years ago thousands different varieties were available. Diversity is critical for survival in many ways. So, growing only the large and attractive specimens is not an option.

Preserving our ecosystem

Organic farming is based on the concept of harmony with Nature. The rotation of soil and crop keeps the farmland healthy. The lack of chemicals preserves the ecosystem. Wildlife, insects, birds and frogs are all participants in the process. Because of the farming practices we already mentioned, the organic way is also part of the climate solution. It turns farmland into a sink rather than a source of CO2.

Direct support for farming and the future

Buying organic products is an investment in the future. Governments subsidise agriculture, but most of the funds go to commercial agribusiness. The cost of extinction or damage of wildlife and ecosystems, the health and environmental damages cannot be calculated. By choosing organically grown produce, we support farmers directly. Moreover, spending your money in the organic sector is saying YES to a more sustainable future!

organic honey

Incorporating organic products in our life is a choice, which has many benefits as we already saw. It inspires us for a healthier life, more sustainable food, future for the planet and everyone on it and everything starts with a small organic seed. Organic farming is a big part of the solution to many ecological problems, and modern people want to support that! The modern lifestyle is about being smart, responsible and enjoying it!

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