The Internet, Be careful it’s not safe!

internet safe

What are the dangers of the web?

Honestly, they are too many to think of. Stealing data and hacking in today’s world is widely spread. We would like to give you few basic tips on how to be safer. That way you can live happily without fear for your data.

finer prints safe or notFirst, don’t show your fingers from the side of the fingerprints. 

Forget about the “the victory sign.” We use more and more our fingerprints from opening our phones to banking. With the massively right cameras of today, a hacker can zoom and recreate your fingerprints to rob you without you even know.

Talking about pictures, with all the social networks, it is very hard to keep your profile clean. Modern-day headhunters and human resource managers are checking you even there. And you don’t want them to find those embarrassing drunk photos from the last party, do you? Use the settings and put all your posts to “private.” Don’t let people tag you without your approval and review your old photos. 

web security

Now a bit about your home security.

Have you seen pictures of Mark Zuckerberg from his office? Did you see one common thing? All the cameras of computers in the background have a piece of tape. Any clue? The answer is simple; there are no safe computers, not even famous people are out of reach. So better hide the camera, when you don’t use it, or a hacker can see all that you have in your room. And see all that you do as well! So think about it, better safe than sorry.

When we talk about how easy to hack the computers are, it is very similar to all of yours online accounts. Do you remember giving all the permissions to a game like Candy Crash or some other app on your phone? Later you are surprised that your e-mail is full of junk emails. Share as less as possible your data.

And one last tip.

Many of us, we have some individual videos and photos that are not for sharing. Some pictures of you and your girlfriend, messages or maybe even a video of your ex. Don’t worry; don't use public wifi

we are not judging anybody just keep them offline. Never leave such material on your phone or computer. The best option you have is to keep them on an external hard drive. Refresh your memory but exclusively offline.

We can’t just disconnect and live in a cave, can we? So better try to make some small efforts, and we can be relatively safe in the jungle of internet. Enjoy all the great content out there just keep an eye and be protected.       

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