The hidden meaning of letters in names

the letters

Have you ever thought, that your name may have hidden meaning and can outline your life path?

In numerology, every letter of the Roman alphabet is equal to a certain number. Every letter had a different meaning and combined in your name these hidden symbols mark your character, personal skill or disadvantage. You can use ancient numerology method to define what kind of person you are and learn more about yourself, personality and future path.


“Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself.”


The number chart

See this table to define to with number every letter in your name is equal.

numbers and letters

The first and last letter and first vowel

The first letter of your first name is the most important- it gives you general information about your personality and insight into the way you see the world. How you deal with difficulties and challenges, how you achieve happiness and fortune, you can see in the first letter.

The last letter in your name gives your vision of how you realize plans and dreams. Can you finish what you’ve started, you’re person, who gets bored quickly? The first and last letter bound your personality with meaning. What’s between them are the beautiful colors of your persona, but the essence of your character hides between these letters.

names board

The first vowel in your name is the door to your soul, showing you your deepest dreams, fears, and secrets, even those thing you can’t admit. We share too little to others, keep our souls in mist, but the first vowel can give you a glimpse of spiritual self and deepest soul vibrations.

marcus aurelius

The hidden meaning

A – Open minded, vital and full of energy, enthusiastic and ambitious.

B – Generous, compassioned, introvert and delicate

C- Intelligent, sensitive and social person

D – Powerful and hard-working, business type of person

E- Loving and hearty person, the heart of the party type

F – Warm and compassioned, like to bear others pain, responsible.

G – Reasonable, active, creative, but loves logic.

H- Authoritarian, influencer, visionary type of person

I – Artistic and creative, but often suffers from depression

J – Controlling and judging, likes to hold things right

K – Balanced and a bit extreme easy takes decisions

L – Adaptable, cheerful, over thinker, honest

M – Highly moral ad self-confident, works a lot

N – Original and unpredictable, creative, but ordered

O – Honest, likes rules and responsibilities, stands for his opinion

P- Clever, sensitive to spiritual matters, wise

Q – Courageous, stable with strong will and sense to success

R – Tolerant, intuitive and idealistic, pure altruist

S – Ambitious, impulsive, good partners in life, but emotionally fragile

T- Balanced, good mediator, loyal and helpful to others

U – Expressive, likes pleasures in life, unordered, but great artist

V – Hard-working, strict and well organized, patient and reliable

W – Free, adventurer, loves fun, impulsive person

X – Sexual and sensual, like to give to others, good teachers, love routine

Y – Self-critical, expressive person, independent, logical and real analytic

Z – Good manager, stable and judging person, courageous with great willpower

marcus aurelius


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