The birthplace of your favorite party drink – the tequila

Tequila, everybody of us has at least one wild story from a party that started with tequila. Yes, it is one of the best spirit drinks of the world. But have you ever thought from where it comes? Of course Mexico, but you know it is a massive country, 31 to be precise.

Let us show you from where exactly this liquid magic got its name

First, we need to get to the state of Jalisco. The same one is the birthplace of another deep Mexican tradition – The mariachis, but this will be a story for another time.

So back to Jalisco, first you need to get to the state capital Guadalajara. You can arrive directly there or take a bus from the close by beach Resort – Puerto Vallarta.

Once you are there, you will have few options to get to the cradle of the tequila, the Tequila village. Rent a car or take the bus, these are the boring choices. We recommend you to take the special train that leads you directly to one of the alcohol factories. In Mexico, there are almost no trains, but for such a destination they made one.

Upon arrival you receive your first shot, quite a warm welcome indeed. There you will hear the story of the origin and the one of the modern production process.

The local Native Americans, called Aztecs were the one that started using the agave to produce drinks. Frist, they had rather basic liquor called Pulque. It was a weak alcohol, 4 to 8 degree. This was because their processes were primal.

Later when the Spanish came, they used their distillation to increase the degree to around 37 and called it Mezcal.  The last step was made by the new Mexicans and the World Trading Organization. They branded the name tequila and put the restriction that it must be produced here in Mexico and only from the blue agave plant.

And the second part is the contemporary story.

They will show you the beautiful landscape of these blue plants, and you can see the jimadors (cutters of the agave) waving their machetes. Then you will pass through the baking pits, the grinding machines and into the fermentation room. In the end, you finish at the degustation room where you can compare by yourself the tequila “jóven” (young) and the “reposado” (grown). Don’t forget to buy a bottle for a souvenir.

Later go to the center of the village, it is decorated in typical for Mexico style, colonial with a lot of colors. You will like it. You can go to different factories there and compare the taste, just be careful and don’t abuse. Better drink less and stay a few days more. 

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