The Bermuda Triangle, facts and fiction

Ask random people on the street, and you will get all kinds of crazy answers.
Some will blame the aliens. Why not, right? They have nothing better to do than to kidnap people exactly in this area. They also keep been shy, so many years and they haven’t try to communicate. Come on; we don’t bite!

Other people support the “Monster Theory.” Imagine a beast like Cthulhu or Kraken, just like you know them from the books and the movies. Breaking the ships and devouring the unfortunate victims. Now get back to the real world, if they ever existed, the army would hunt them down.

Another explanation people are trying to give; it is that there is a portal to another dimension. Natural explanation right? They don’t disappear; they just pass through a magical door. As a fan of Sci-Fi series like the Sliders I would like to see such a gate, but sadly there is no evidence of it. Not even one fact that can prove it.

Let’s look at science and pure logic to guess what could it be the reason of so many cases during the years.

What about pirates? Don’t imagine someone like Jack Sparrow, fighting with a cutlass and old gun. They exist in many places. Just check out the Somalian pirates. They are many and equipped with all sorts of weapons, from the basic AK47 all the way to rocket launchers. They rob and steal all the time. Totally possible.
Weather anomalies. We are killing our planet faster than ever. The Global Warming is not fictional, it is real, and we can feel it stronger day after day. Unexpected storms appear all around the world. Tornados are very powerful; another danger comes from the waterspouts (massive tsunami like waves). They quickly can destroy vessels.

And the final threat you maybe haven’t consider is the methane gas hydrates.

Research by the Cardiff University has found concentrations of methane gas beneath the ocean floor. It has been created from the death sea animals.
Few seconds it takes for the gas to reach the surface. No ship or a plane is safe. The hit is that high that will make them to shreds.

We will always be fascinated by scary stories. It doesn’t matter if they are true or false. They excite us and stimulate our imagination just distinguish the difference.

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