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Is the NYC subway good for kids?

The New York City subway system with a total of 472 stations is among the top 10 most significant in the world. While this might be an excellent proof of urban development, it’s also a unique way to lower your and your kid’s health status. Let’s see some stats about the underground travels in NYC.

Why are human rights are important

Human rights are equal to all people, all over the world, regardless of their religion and beliefs, nationality, and sex. They shape universal norms to make humankind more understanding, compassioned and fair. These principles are protected by the law in every country and internationally. They are assigned to a person from the day of his birth.


The importance of having baby monitor

Having baby monitor at home is helpful in every way thanks to the multifunctional characteristics of the new devices.Installation is simple; you only need a little space to set up the main body out the child’s reach.