Do you know what’s shopaholics or shopping addiction is?

Buying things that you don't want is called shopping addiction

Recent research has led us to a serious concern about today’s personal attitude towards things. It turned out that people don’t use most of the things they buy.On the contrary, they keep consuming and purchasing without even realizing that they do not need these things. Most of the purchased goods today are bought because of this shopping addiction. They are neither necessary nor helpful. As a matter of fact, another study shows. People with fewer things are happier than those, who possess more things. Possession is the key to the explanation we have about this topic: shopaholics don’t get new things because they are useful, but because they need to possess more and more.

What we are trying to say is that people have become shopaholics.

Everything they link to categories like happiness and joy is physical; you can touch them. In other words, most of the reasons why people are happy (or at least think they are) are things, but not experience, moments, people, emotions.

shopaholics fall into depression very often

What has happened to our world is that we are currently and stuck with so many things at home. Even though some of them are not useful or valuable for us, we might get heartbroken and even sad, depressed about it. Things used to be tools and instruments for us in the past. Today, they are sources or emotions we cannot provide to ourselves through other people or experiences.

Have we gone that far?

Yes. Unfortunately, we did.

Things today are more than important to us because the whole society is dependent on them. For instance, the typical idea of a rich person is not the person, who knows a lot or is capable of doing a lot or has a lot of friends or people, who admire him. The common idea for a wealthy person refers to a person, who has a lot of things. He has many cars, not a single, but several properties, mostly he has a lot of money that let him buy even more things, as many things as he wants and so forth. In the end, he feels into a circle of shopping addiction.

shopaholics like beautiful and shiny things

Things can be touched, smelled and even eaten, but there is no such a thing as an object that can yet make you feel, make you happy, for real. If we don’t get back to this truth and if we keep buying things, we might forget this philosophy, and we might forget how to be happy again!

Don’t become shopaholics, buy useful things only!

To learn more how to overcome an online shopping obsession.

Do you know; if you love yourself then everyone else will love you too. Master the art of loving yourself.

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  1. We strongly believe that minimalism is a thing. So we totally agree on your article. People buy too many stuff they don’t use at the end of the day.

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