Sex Positions for Conceiving a Girl or a Boy

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Many married couples ask themselves how to conceive a boy or a girl and do sex positions matter?

People have been trying to figure this out for a very long time, but most renowned specialists in the field say that love positions cannot influence the gender of your baby. However, there are still many things medicine does not know in this area.

Gender selection is a huge topic not only in the medical circles but is turning into an industry. The ethics of some of the techniques are quite controversial.


The Theory on Conceiving Based on Sex Positions has been a focus of work of a renowned scientist – Doctor Shettles. He believed that certain positions gave an advantage to the sperm carrying the chromosome of a particular gender. According to the doctor, the boy sperm was weaker and faster than the female bearing sperm. So, boy sperm swims faster but survives shorter periods, so sexual positions with deeper penetration gave higher chances to boy sperm to reach the egg. Girl sperm, on the other hand, swims slower, but is stronger and can travel further to find the egg. Following Dr. Shettles’ logic, shallow penetration will give girl sperm better chances to get to the egg because the distance from the cervix is greater. So, in general positions with limited penetration are better for conceiving a girl, and those with deeper penetration are ideal for conceiving a boy.

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There are many sources of people’s wisdom, some even 700-year –old which give us tips and tell us what can help couples conceive a girl or a boy. Still, there is no scientific evidence that any of this works.

Still, even nowadays some people believe that the position you make love in actually influences the sex of your child. If you are desperately hoping to conceive a girl or a boy you can still give these a try. Read on, and we hope this advice helps you.

We have made a selection of sex positions and tips that have been quite popular when it comes to the conception of babies from one of the two genders.

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Sex Positions for a Girl


This is not the most exciting position, but it is known to be the best for conceiving a girl. The woman lies on her back, and her partner should lie on top to enter. The legs of the woman need to be in a missionary position or wrapped around the man’s waist for deeper penetration. However, the whole idea of this position is to limit it.


The woman lies on her side, and her partner enters from behind. This is the position known as spoons because you look like two spoons cuddled up against each other. The position of the woman’s legs keeps the penetration shallow.

Girl on Top

This is a position which is on the list for both a girl and a boy. Again, it all depends on the level of penetration, if the woman allows it to be deeper than it is ideal for a boy. If the goal is to have a girl the penetration should be shallow during sex. The man should either sit or lie on the bed, and the woman should straddle him. The key is controlling the level of penetration.

Sex Positions for a Boy

Doggy Style

Entering from behind has long been a favorite sex position for those who are hoping to conceive a boy. The female should be on her knees, and the male penetrates from behind. The deeper penetration means the sperm travels shorter to the egg. This position is pleasant for both partners and tops the list of sex positions for a boy.

Standing up

This can be a bit confusing at first, but it has similar benefits to the doggy style position. Both partners can relax and enjoy it. The sperm has to swim upwards in this case and as we already mentioned that boy sperm is quite fast and good at swimming.

Additional Tips

It is not only the sex positions that matters; there are a few other things you can do to increase the chances of successfully conceiving a baby girl or boy.

– If you are hoping to conceive a boy use a sex position that helps you orgasm. The orgasms cause an increase in the basic levels in the vagina, which benefits the male sperm and helps it survive longer. So, think of the position you enjoy most and use it to reach an orgasm. If you want to conceive a girl, you should avoid orgasms to maintain a more acidic environment, which increases the chances of girl sperm reaching the egg first.

– After ejaculation, the woman should keep her hips up for around 15-20 minutes. This gives the sperm some time to find the way to the egg and increases the chances of success.

– It is highly recommended to wait until the ovulation before trying to conceive. Avoid having sex in the days before the ovulation. Use a female calendar to determine approximately the period of the ovulation. There are also inexpensive kits to help women and guide them towards the correct time.

– Consuming foods rich in calories is also known to help lead to the conception of a boy. It is not scientifically proven, but experts say that food rich in protein and energy such as bananas, vegetables, and fish helps a lot.

Use the tips we mentioned above to increase the chances of conceiving a boy or a girl. We have selected some of the best positions to conceive the two genders, and although they are not scientifically proven to work, we hope they help you in your efforts to grow your family in a natural way. Remember, you must feel relaxed, happy, comfortable and full of love while making your new baby. And don’t forget before you start thinking for a baby you have to find the right person, checkout our suggestions Top 10 Places to Fall in Love

Good luck!

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