Russian women’s beauty tips and secrets

Russian women are famous for their captivating beauty all over the world. With their Slavic origins, they have porcelain white skin, light hairs, high cheeks and expressive eyes. Most of the overall expression is due to their natural beauty. But what are their traditional secrets to maintain good looks?

As you can guess, Russian beauty rituals are slightly different from those of the Western world. Even the new beauty routine is marked with centuries of traditional practices. Let’s see some valuable tips and secrets for great looks.

russian woman


The body care stays at first place. To keep their skin healthy, soft and elastic Russian women have special tricks. The famous Russian bath is one of the ways they keep their skin moisturized, clean and soft. The Russian bath is simply a steam bath or hot sauna. In Russia, the sauna is less hot as the Scandinavian saunas. Also, a cold basin is always nearby. It is used for contrast “showers.”

Contrast “showers” restore the proper blood circulation and stimulate the immune system. You cannot be beautiful without being healthy.

russian woman

Russian girls massage their bodies with herbs and special scrapers. Some procedures can include scrubs with a mixture of sugar and honey to remove dead skin cells. Honey is known to be very helpful for good skin condition. It moisturizes and intoxicates the skin.


The facial skin needs more care because it’s more delicate. Russian women have some special secrets to keep their facial skin silky and shining. They slap on the face, cheeks, and forehead to restore the blood circulation, moisturize the skin and shrink the pores. IT may sound strange, but this method gives a rosy and fresh look of the skin.

For masks and lotions, Russian girls use egg yolks, sour cream, milk and even butter. These ingredients smoothen the skin and remove the wrinkles. Fresh cucumber juice is good for cleansing tonic. Instead of using irritating and aggressive soap, you can follow their experience and try rose water. Other alternatives are the rosehip and chamomile decoction.


The hair can be a woman’s proud. You all know how difficult is to keep your hair strong and healthy. The daily treatment with heat, washing and styling products weakens your hair.
Russian women have found the perfect and natural way to keep their hair in excellent condition. They use homemade masks. Mask made of carrots will get rid of hair loss. Or mask with mustard stimulates hair growth. Masks containing eggs, mayonnaise, and any alcohol will make your hair shine.

Here is one traditional recipe:
A decoction of Hops, chamomile, burdock and nettles is good for a rinse of the hair.


The perfect finish if healthy and good looking body, skin and hair are the real makeup. Russian Girls love makeup. They wear it daily, using it for accent. Whether is bright colored lipstick or dark and shady mascara. There is a particular stereotype of Russian makeup style. Briefly, it circles around bright blush on the cheeks, strong lipstick and eyeliner.

Of course, there isn’t a magic formula for so-called “Russian look.” But everything in reasonable limits and a lot of experiments will make you feel and look beautiful.

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