Pregnancy Sex Fears Explained

It is natural to worry a bit throughout the pregnancy, it is a whole new experience and every future mom wants it to be perfect. There is a big amount of fear, especially when it comes to sex during pregnancy. In fact, many women think sex and pregnancy are mutually exclusive. But actually, there is nothing to worry about. In order to put the fears aside, we have asked doctors to explain the real facts about the things that cause these fears and we are sure this will bring relief to many couples.

Relax and read what doctors have to say about intercourse during pregnancy

We may hurt the baby

Even deep penetration cannot harm the fetus. It is so well protected that no sex position is capable of affecting it. Plus, the vagina stretches during sex and creates a gap of several centimeters between the penis and the cervix. On top of that, the cervix is practically sealed to protect the baby.

We may cause a miscarriage

It is unlikely that sex during pregnancy will cause a miscarriage. Usually, miscarriages happen during the first few weeks of the pregnancy. The risk of one drop after the doctors can detect a heartbeat (usually around weeks 6 and 8). The risk of second miscarriage drops even lower. Miscarriages are usually due to a chromosomal abnormality which prevents the fetus from developing normally and miscarriage is unavoidable. However, smoking and drinking coffee and alcohol can lower the risk.

Orgasm contractions can cause a miscarriage

The little cramps after sex and especially after orgasm are completely normal. They are caused by the muscles of the uterus tightening. As long as the pregnancy is not in the high-risk category, these contractions are not going to cause any harm to the mom or the baby. There are different types of contractions, and the ones that come after an orgasm are not the same type that causes a miscarriage or labor. The labor contractions are quite painful and happen at regular intervals. The orgasm contractions are very mild and eventually go away.

Sex can hurt me

Did you know that some women experience their first orgasm during pregnancy?

The reason for this is that the genitals are much more sensitive. Also, the levels of the oxytocin hormone, which maintains a pregnancy, are high which also ignites lust. So, do not worry to be creative and try new positions with your partner.

No oral sex

Oral sex is a great option when it becomes too uncomfortable for an actual intercourse. However, the male should not blow air forcefully into the vagina, because this can cause an air bubble inside which can be life-threatening.

Sex can cause premature labor

Sex cannot induce labor. However, if a woman is close to or past her due date sex can help inducing labor. Women can get contractions after sex, but it is not going to cause labor. In fact, pregnant women will experience all kinds of contractions, but most of them are going to pass without going into labor. There are cases in which sex during pregnancy can be risky like a history of premature labor, cervical dilation, membrane rupture, the placenta can be damaged, vaginal bleeding or when the water has broken and the fetus is unprotected.

Post sex bleeding means there is a damage

Most future moms freak out if they see a little bit of blood down there. But spotting after or during sex is normal and even common. Of course, there is an explanation for it – during pregnancy, the cervix is very soft and sensitive, so when touched it can start bleeding, but that is not a sign of damage. If the bleeding is excessive and does not go away, then it is necessary to visit the doctor.

The baby knows

Some couples are seriously worried that the baby will know they had sex while it was still in. Most of us do not remember if our parents had sex while we were still in there, neither will our babies know. Babies do feel movements but they have no idea why. They also pick on sounds, but they are not able to understand or interpret them.

My partner will not find me attractive

This is a typical fear many women have. Of course, there are some unattractive things about pregnancy like nausea, gasses, heartburn etc. But there is also a beautiful side. Pregnant women are glowing and there is a chance that their male partners find them most attractive when pregnant. Growing a human is quite amazing!

Sex will not be the same

Of course, sex will feel different. In fact, everything feels new and different when a woman is pregnant. Different does not equal bad. On the contrary, with increased vaginal sensitivity and secretion women can experience some of the best sex in their lives.

In conclusion, we can say that according to experts there is no evidence that sex can cause any physical or psychological harm to unborn babies.

Sex is very important for any couple and it is not only part of making the baby, but of having a healthy, intimate relationship with another human being. There are many excuses not to have sex, but pregnancy should not be one of them. It lasts whole nine months which is a quite some time and no sex for so long can put a lot of pressure in the relationship. In normal pregnancies without complications, sex is totally fine.

Many doctors give green light to couples who want to have sex during a pregnancy, still, some of them put the brakes because of the fears we listed above. But after all, we all got here in the same way, so there is nothing to worry about. No worries about birth control either. Plus, many parents say that sex during the pregnancy is a lot easier compared to when the baby actually arrives!


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