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ancient money

We’ve all heard how the Phoenicians created the money about a few years ago and that ever since then we’re doomed. Fair enough to think so when nowadays we have so many examples how money are ruining the world and have caused so much drama worldwide.

What led to creating them, though?

Did ancient people ever think at the time what is it going to turn in and second were they operating as we’re operating with it now? We probably won’t know how they were treating their money, but we can either blame them either thank them.

But let’s go the whole story and maybe the truth will be out there.

The first reason, of course, was for facilitation and to make it easier when trading. Firstly they had to use the exchange principles, but some products were hard to be priced correctly, and ancient people began to need a shared resource to be able to reasonably trade with within the country and outside. Then the coins were created.

Here comes another legend that claims they weren’t the Phoenicians.

The coin-looking money but the Chinese people. An ancient Malaysian nation, the Lydians, is known for being the first ones to produce stamped coins mixture of gold and silver. Later on, ancient Greeks started to make coins that were exact proportions between the substances the were made of. The rest of the old world began using them and producing different variations of coins made out of various metals weight and stamps.

Other reasons money were necessary was to be paid to the militaries. Roman empire. Quickly adopted the idea for the coins and started using them influencing the whole idea and improving the quality of the coins. Then a few centuries later in China was invented the paper and paper money start being used instead of the thick coins. The economy of the Roman Empire evolved with remarkable rhythm in the utilization of a single monetary system, low duty rates and pressed time of piracy.

The functioning of this economics took massive amounts of money. Therefore, it was necessary any of vital army maintain security without which no trade could flourish. The Romans were large exporters of all products of basic foods like wheat, beef, olive oil, wine wood material, and metals needed for construction. A wide range of luxury goods such as papyrus, ceramics, glass, silver, and perfumes. Their main commercial partners were located in present-day Spain and France Middle East and North Africa.

Then here came the banks!

First banks in Europe known are registered during Renaissance in Italy and probably the oldest one is Medici’s bank which was created to help sick, miserable and people in need in 1472. Later on, we all know how the story goes.
It is sure it’s necessary to be used a trading method but is the money the most convenient one? Is it necessary to let them control us so much and would it be the opposite if it was operating by the different form in the world?

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