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Miami Beach

Miami is located in the state of Florida in the USA. It´s one of the most famous beach destinations in the world. It has one incredibly long stretch of shining hot sands. But where exactly should you put your towel? Depends on what do you like. If you are a fan of sunbathing and you want to have a very chill day, doing nothing, try the South Beach. Besides getting the perfect tan, you can meet many models and actresses who love to spend their days here. It is a beautiful scenery.

Ocean Drive miami

If you stay until late there, you can go pass some time on Ocean Drive and enjoy the Art Deco architecture. You can go to the Art Deco District and submerge in the 20s and 30s style with neon and pastel-colored buildings. This area is full of gourmet restaurants and fancy bars. You can sure have a good time there.

Miami Seaside

If you prefer a greener place, with picnic areas, more suitable for family holidays, check the Haulover Beach. The trees and bushes around hide it, and you almost can’t see the hotels from there. In this beach, you can have fun watching live performances from musicians. There is also a nude beach there if you are into that.
And if you are a more active person you can hop off at The 85th Street Beach for swimming or go to the Hobie Beach to rent and have fun windsurfing. Yep, there are plenty of different beaches around.

Little Havana Miami

What else you should visit there, perhaps the Little Havana can interest you.

You can enjoy all Cuban atmosphere inside the USA thanks to the countless Cuban immigrants who have come to live here during the year. They have left the dictator regime of Castro and replace it with the freedom of Miami. It is a very good area to socialize. You can dance Cuban salsa, enjoy a bottle of rum and smoke a traditional cigar. In the end, you can learn few Spanish word like Gracias and Salud!

Last but not least, you can get a Movie tour. You can see where some of your favorite movies like Scarface, Godfather 2 and Fast and Furious have been shot. Many TV series as well – Dexter, Miami Vice, and Ballers. Don’t forget the one with the best detective ever Horatio Caine – CSI Miami. Yeaaah!

Hot sun, beautiful beaches and many things to do, what are you waiting for grab your sun protective cream and your camera and head up to East coast of the USA – Miami.

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