Homemade Beef baby puree with white potatoes

What you need

homemade Beef Puree (the best cuts of beef for baby puree are Top Sirloin, an Eye of Round Roast or Lean Fresh ground beef)

A white potato or two (if you want to have it for the next day as well, you need two)

Three cloves of garlic

A pinch of Fresh Dill

A pinch of Celtic salt

*In this recipe, I cooked Top Sirloin. The surplus I froze it for other delicious combinations with veal.

How to prepare

Wash and clean all vegetables. Cut the potatoes into cubes, peel the cloves. Steam the vegetables for 26 minutes. Put them in a baby jar, add the pinch of Celtic salt, Fresh Dill, and two ice cubes of homemade beef puree. Blend it!

Bon Appetit to your Kiddo!

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