The Great American Wall or the US-Mexico Wall

Mexican wall

The very first thing we think about when recalling that the USA has a new, utterly foreign and different than anything else up to now President, is his desire to build the Great American Wall that will be placed on the border with Mexico.

The physical ban for Mexicans to let inside American territory illegally has been welcomed with a different attitude from both sides: politicians and ordinary citizens in America. Of course, immigrants have been feeling even more unsecured in the States recently, but this is what Donal Trump Mexican wallDonald Trump aims, right? Or the ex-businessman is hiding some larger ambitions behind his quite solid to be made the wall.

Anyway, considering the latest news regarding the US-Mexico Wall, we understand that currently, Trump is trying to find (hardly…by all means) followers, who will not just agree with his policy but will even help him build the physical border. After figuring out that they have to pay for this ridiculous thing, most American citizens made it clear that they are against such a law or wall. Indeed, the unofficial reports say the cost of the US-Mexico Wall will be quite significant.



Mexican wall money cost

So after destroying the health insurance system, Trump is about to increase the taxes significantly, too.

Someone needs to pay for this wall, after all. But all of these are just rumors and suggestions up to now. What is clear is that the appearance of the US-Mexico wall changes lots of things. Some of the most certain of them are below, and you should not doubt about any:

Mexican wall huge impact

The environmental impact of the wall will be huge

Ecology specialists from the two countries claim that the US-Mexico Wall might seriously harm the wild nature in this region, basically in the Arizona wilderness, which as we know looks quite peaceful and fantastic today. Well, such a border will speak of anything else, but not of peace. Wild are probably the measures that would be taken.

International disapproval will affect American economy

These negative opinions mainly come from European countries, which are more welcoming to immigrant and refugees specifically. For instance, German government discussed the Trump’s Wall top-to-bottom ending up with the claim that it will eventually cause “division and suffering.” And we all understand that such a political attitude towards the conflict between two other nations end up with economy relationship worsening.

Mexican flag

Mexicans are pissed off

And we are following the emotional reaction from Mexico, because, let’s be honest: the last concrete wall will remind the Latinos how much they lost from the country back decades ago. No one likes to be told for such dark history periods, especially when the recall comes with such a big and massive argument.

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