Flying with a baby on board

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Everybody has at least ones flew a flight vocalized by a dramatically crying baby, or at least people decided to avoid a trip with their newborn because of the same reason and other qualms. It is, of course, a big thing to travel the world with your baby, but if you have prepared everything ahead and with a little luck, this might not be such a drama, and you’ll enjoy your trip to the full.

It is very important to plan and think of as many issues they may occur as possible during the flight, especially if it is a long one.

Of course, you can’t predict by minute what will happen, but you can reduce to a minimum the inconvenience. Here are some reminders for what you may need to take off before departing.


Different airlines have different rules for flying with a baby. Some of them let you take you child on board when it is one-week-old others let you fly when it is only 3-4 days old. The ticket for the baby is almost the same price as a regular one, however, it stays in you lab most of the time. If both parents are not on board, you may need to check the law for any documents that might be required. And of course, it is very important you consult with a pediatrician.

Hand baggage

This will be your best friend during the flight so take a good care to prepare it properly. First, make sure you know the exact weight of hand baggage allowed by the airline and get a bag that is comfortable to use and carry. The best bag for this purpose is the one with many pockets and dividers that you can organize for easy access and faster collaboration.


Most of the airlines will provide you with a baby chair, but you may need to reserve it ahead a time in case few kids are flying. If you can afford an extra expense to take your own baby seat for the car, that can be used in a plane also, reserve the seat next to you.


This is may be the most important and challenging part of the planning. You need to make sure you have extra of everything. Some baby foods are allowed on board but sometimes just a limited quantity of them is. If the amount allowed won’t be enough for the duration of the flight, you can prepare some dry milk in plastic cases and ask the stewardess to warm up it for you when on board.

You can also request a baby menu, which usually includes purees and juice. Wet wipes, diapers, and tissues will be needed during the flight as much as they are needed every day. Take more of them.

Baby’s personal belongings

Understand toys and everything that your baby is in love with and may drive its attention and calm it down. You can even trick the newborn by hiding these toys and replace it with some new ones, then show the baby the old ones when in the airplane.

The main reason babies cry during a flight is the pain in their ears caused by the pressure from the abrupt amplitude when the plane is taking off or landing. This can be reduced swallowing, so you need to make your baby use its nasopharynx. The two people you need to consult with before taking a baby on board are the pediatrician and representative of the airline company.

Traveling with a baby is not a big hassle just always remember what my friend says “Happy mother = happy baby“. Or is it vice-versa?

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