Effective DIY homemade anti-wrinkle cream

Fighting aging is a problem which bothers the minds of many women. Let’s face it! The first signs of skin aging appear even before the 30’s. Of course, you want the best anti-aging treatment for your skin. But is the best solution a commercial cream or another creative alternative? Homemade creams are proven to be healthier, safer and more efficient solution.

What are commercial anti-wrinkle creams causing to your skin?

Yes, commercial cosmetics can be dangerous. Don’t take it too literally, a little bit of cream will not kill you. But in a long-term matter, commercial creams could become a risk for skin health. Not to mention they are quite expensive. Long-term use of anti-wrinkle creams can make your skin weaker and dependent on the cream.

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Commercial creams often contain irritating ingredients. The list is long, but we will point some of them:

Propylene glycol
Human growth hormone ( HGH)

All of these ingredients are irritating, sometimes carcinogen and they might cause cancer. With the long-term use, these components store into your body. By rubbing the cream onto the skin, the ingredients go into your bloodstream. Your skin might become weaker, thinner and unguarded to sunburn. The most common side effects are acne, allergies, and contact dermatitis.

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Benefits of homemade cream with natural ingredients

Compared to the creams sold in the store, homemade solutions win on all stages. They are inexpensive, easy to prepare and totally safe. You only need a couple of natural ingredients. Most of them you probably already have at home.
Homemade anti-wrinkle creams contain butter and essential oils. This is it! Natural butter is famous, because it moisturizes the skin, makes it softer and more plastic. Essential oils contain natural vitamins and antioxidants. Some of them work as cleansers and disinfect the skin. Almost half of the essential oils sold on the market are proven to have anti-aging properties.

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Once your DIY cream is ready, you might want to store it in the fridge. It has no preservatives, remember? But don’t worry, unless it contains fruits, yogurt or eggs, the cream can not spoil.


You can add coconut or shea butter. Shea butter has the precious for the skin vitamins A and E. As well as the coconut butter; it works as a natural moisturizer. Another alternative is the mango butter. It’s sweet and has a light aroma. It will absorb into the skin almost immediately, and it is not greasy.

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Essential Oils

All essential oils are good for the skin. See which have anti-wrinkle effect:
The frankincense oil, lavender, calendula oil, jojoba oil, oil from pomegranate seed. Jojoba oil is good for dry and damaged from acne skin. Besides anti-aging proven, the pomegranate seed oil works are sunscreen. Frankincense is good to fight wrinkles and reduce the large pores. Lavender and Calendula soften and calm your skin.

Extra ingredients

Also, you can add beeswax, honey, homemade yogurt, dried fruits of flowers for essence. Lemon oil or lemon juice for greasy skin is good as well. From the fruits, pineapple, grapes, oranges will work great to reduce wrinkles.

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Two easy recipes for homemade anti-wrinkle cream

Shea butter / ½ cup/
Coconut oil or Sweet almond oil / 2 tablespoons/
Pomegranate seed oil / 10 drops/
Calendula oil / 10 drops/
Honey / ½ tablespoon/

Coconut or Mango butter / 1 cup/
Frankincense oil / 5 drops/
Lemon oil / 5 drops/
Lemon juice / ½ table spoon/
Beeswax / 10 to 20 grams/

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