Easter. Time to break, whip and even get crucify!

Eastern eggs

Easter, you think you know this Cristian celebration very well. It is all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter bunnies and colored eggs all around. Such a lovely family holiday right?

But if you travel around the world you will be surprised how different it could be. Mixed with the local tradition, the Easter can become beyond recognizable.

Greek easter

First one loud ritual from Corfu, Greece. If you have been to a Greek party before, you already know that they are very noisy people. Dancing and breaking plates. Not so surprisingly they are the same on Easter. At 11 am on Sunday, they start screaming “Alithós Anésti,” which means “he has returned.” This proclaims the beginning of the celebration; a big parade starts marching and, as you can expect from Greeks, they start throwing and breaking dishes, this time pots. The party goes until late in the night when there are fireworks.

Going to Eastern Europe, you will find more exotic ways of celebrating this holy day.

If you visit the Czech Republic, you can fool around whipping women with traditional ribbons. It is a soft game that Czech people play. They think that, by doing so, the women will get the power of Spring to them and they will be more fertile. Some of you can see it as an act against women but let´s just see it as a fun game and nothing more.

Easter water fight If you jump to the neighbor Poland, you will find a more balanced ritual – the Śmigus-dyngus. It is a water fight and quite a wild one! It is also known as Wet Monday. Far away from religion, this has become a fun outdoor activity for many Polish and tourist. Boys, girls, young and old, they prepare their best buckets, water guns and balloons full of water. They meet in the town square, and the game begins. The goal is to get as many people as possible soaking wet. There is no price, rather than a big smile on your face.

Easter God

And the last one, super extreme case. If you go to San Fernando in the Philippines (very close to the capital Manila), you will be shocked. These guys are out of their minds. For some sick reason, they decided to crucify people, just like Jesus suffered long time ago. But this is now, in the 21st century and somehow people tolerate it!

How do you see these Easter celebrations? Have you seen others that are worth mentioning? 

Happy Easter

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