Cholesterol: Could It Be a Scam?


Many people live with the fear that cholesterol is dreadful for them, but why?

If you are one of them, you probably believe that the only way to protect yourself from heart disease is by keeping blood cholesterol low and avoiding foods high in fat.

For years you and your doctor have been watching those cholesterol levels, and you have been buying low-fat milk, not eating fatty meat and reading labels of various foods to avoid buying those rich in fat. Most probably your doctor has prescribed some miracle cholesterol lowering drugs which are supposed to decrease the risk of heart disease significantly.

Well, guess what? It is all a big scam to get your money!

Many people have been led to believe what we just explained above, but it is one of the greatest frauds in medical history. You should not feel bad about it because it is not only you but your doctor, the neighbor, the media and even many experienced researchers who have been led to believe that cholesterol is dangerous.

For years animal fats have been proclaimed a great evil, and the cholesterol paranoia has been instilled in people all over the world, but the sad truth is that the heart disease rates have not declined at all. Some health authorities may tell us that there is a declining tendency in the death rate from heart disease, but this may also be due to the improved medical care for those patients who already have heart disease.

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Medicine is not preventing heart problems from happening it is only helping those who already have them to live longer. If the campaign against cholesterol and fat were successful, there would not be people with heart attacks at all.

Blood cholesterol is not what causes heart disease; neither are those saturated fats you do your very best to avoid. In fact, there is substantial evidence that saturated fats are a good thing.

This situation is convenient for drug and dietary food manufacturers because they make billions in profits because of the spread of the cholesterol paranoia. On the other hand, there are health authorities who get millions from the same companies while insisting that they provide an impartial and objective health service.

There are many medical journals and independent researchers who are working to prove that cholesterol is not a direct cause of heart disease. Their papers have been published in different bodies of scientific literature. Unlike all the drug and low-fat food companies and health agencies, the independent researchers do not profit from spreading the cholesterol paranoia. Their research goes deeper than the surface and explains some of the myths regarding cholesterol.

Here are the top three myths about the harmful effects of cholesterol we have found an explanation for.

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The Best Diet is Low in Fat and High in Carbs

Scientists and doctors believe that saturated fat causes heart disease because the bad cholesterol in the blood rises when we consume such foods. This was a common belief during the 60s and 70s. The concept then became the basis of the low-fat diet which has become hugely popular all around the world since then.

However, until recently there was not a single study on this diet, so people became part of a big experiment. And in the end, it did not turn out right, because the obesity and diabetes epidemic has spread, especially in America. Because of the low-fat diet, people started eating less butter, eggs, and meat and focused on foods with sugar and carbohydrates, which made things even worse.

The low-fat diet has been studied extensively in the last decade; there were even large controlled trials to see the effects. These trails did not prove a significant difference between the groups who were on a low-fat diet and those that were not.

There were also studies which did not find any advantages of the low-fat diet; others discovered that it made some significant risk indicators worse. Despite these results, most nutritionists continue to recommend a diet which can be downright harmful.

The bottom line is that there is no evidence that the low-fat diet has any benefits – no weight loss in the long-term or reducing the risk of chronic disease. Some studies even show that the results may be harmful.

Foods Rich in Cholesterol are Bad for You

Health and nutrition specialists have done a great job demonizing perfectly healthy foods. Eggs are one of the victims. They are one of the healthiest foods in the world.

If you think about it logically, it makes perfect sense, because the nutrients in an egg are capable of turning a cell into another creature, a baby chicken. Eggs do contain a significant amount of cholesterol, but studies have shown that this is the HDL type- the good cholesterol, which is not associated with heart disease risks.

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The eggs are an incredibly healthy food which contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, protein and other powerful nutrients vital for our eyes and brain.

Eating Fat Makes you Fat

People would say that you are what you eat and we all know that fatty foods make us look puffy. But is eating fat making you fat?

It is true that there are more calories per gram in fat compared to carbs and protein, but you rarely overeat with fatty foods, simply because they are very filling.

There are studies which suggest that diets low in carbs and high in fat are causing more weight loss that the low-fat option. There is more; the high-fat foods help increase the good cholesterol, lower the blood sugar and insulin levels and can be beneficial for our bodies.


Again many nutritionists preach that the low –fat diet is what we all need to stick to. If you want to be healthy and vigorous research beyond what the media says, question even what your nutritionist says. In this world where everything is driven by money the only thing that can help us stay on the right track is making informed decisions.

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