Bulgarian Rose Oil Benefits For Forever Beauty

All the benefits of Bulgarian rose oil at one place

There are dozens of popular and not that popular essential oils we use in medicine and cosmetics. But there is no doubt that one of the oldest and the most beneficial one among them is the so-called rose essential oil.

Due to its primary origin, the region of the small, but so sweet and adorable European country of Bulgaria, it’s usually known by the name of Bulgarian rose oil.

Like in the past, today some of the most luxurious perfumes, cosmetic products, and make-up items are made, based or contain Bulgarian rose oil. And if you weren’t aware of that, you shouldn’t be surprised, either. Bulgarian rose oil has many benefits, and today we’re going to list you:

Key ingredient in top perfumes

Key ingredient in top perfumes

It’s not necessary for a perfume to smell of roses to be filled with the rich aroma and consistency of the Bulgarian rose oil. If you don’t believe it, there are only few of the names of the perfumes that are made of this oil: Brilliant White Diamonds by Elizabeth Arden, Flower by Kenzo, Classique by Jean Paul Gautier, White Linen Breeze by Estee Lauder, COCO by Channel, Chic by Carolina Herrera, Addict by Dior, Green tea by Bulgari, Lauren by Ralph Lauren and many others.

Complex restoring effect on the skin

Women of all ages can benefit from the Bulgarian rose oil when it comes to their regular facial routine. Whether they fight acne or see the appearance of first lines on their face, products based on Bulgarian Rose can do a great job. It’s because the oil has the ultra moisturizing effect that is helpful even for greasy skin because the oil is not fatty at all, as well as fast regeneration, refreshing and calming effect.

The anti-inflammatory feature makes the oil perfect for ultra dry skin and eczema, allergic reactions and rashes. Not only for the facial skin, but the Bulgarian rose oil can also regenerate the skin of your entire body with no side effects.

Perfect for hair

Rose oil perfect for hair

But Bulgarian rose oil has a universal impact on your beauty because for many years it has also been added to your hair shampoo, mask, and balsams, as well. The nourishing effect of this essential oil is superb for thin hair. Plus – scientists believe that Bulgarian rose oil is also one of the best eco-friendly methods to deal with dandruff and sensitive scalp.

Bulgarian rose oil for various massages

Bulgarian rose oil for various massages

Massages are today’s pleasant ways to deal with numerous medical diseases and chronic conditions, as well as to improve the overall appearance. Being both: healing and beautifying, massages with Bulgarian rose oil are essential aromatherapies in the best world SPA spaces. A massage with Bulgarian rose oil works great for nausea, gastric and liver problems, PMS, menopausal issues, digestive problems, and migraine.

Ideal for healthy body and healthy spirit

Therapies with Bulgarian rose oil are excellent for people with busy, stressful life, as well as those, who need rehabilitation after severe disease treatment, trauma, surgeries, etc.

The oil restores the balance between the body and the inner spirit. Many scientists show various researchers that lead to the conclusion that Bulgarian rose oil is also able to combat depression, mental disorders, and other psychological problems. They call Bulgarian rose oil the female essential oil due to its fabulous effect on hormone balance.

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