Baby yoga and yoga massages

Baby yoga for newborns

It seems like last twenty decades baby yoga spread all over the world. It became an integral part of many people’s lives.

A lot of people take it as an invisible friend that they can meet almost every time and in nearly every place. It is more interesting though that baby yoga massages has spread around not only in territorial aspect but an age point too.

More and more families practicing baby yoga decide to involve their children. Make them part of the big world community. When you once feel yourself the relaxing and absorbing pleasant feeling that baby yoga practices gives you can see the results in your body, your mind, you won’t be able but do it for your baby too. Some people start yoga classes just because of their infants.

Baby yoga massages

Baby yoga is a highly beneficial practice that eases the transition to the new stage of life helping the child to go through this period safely and happily.

This type of Yoga uses gentle massage, complete stimulation of the senses of the child, along with movement and rhythm. The techniques and the moves help the gland release hormones and adjust proper chemistry in child’s body. It also helps his brain to develop very “happy” neural connections and networks during the most intense growth period in his life.

Baby yoga massage feel and touch

The combination of movement and touch is one of the ways babies can experience connection, as their sight, taste and speech. That’s why it brings them contentment and ensures peaceful deep sleep. Touching itself improves the function of all systems in the body – respiratory, circulatory, digestive, excretory, nervous and endocrine.

Every movement alternating with relaxation helps the baby learn that load and rest alternative and complementary. It is amazing that kids can start baby yoga massages and practices only four weeks old and not less than nine pounds. It helps for proper growth and development of all the muscles of the baby.

The techniques are also recommended to be applied to newborns who are getting more often sick in their first months. Who suffer weak immune system and lack of appetite. Yoga massage successfully activate metabolism and balance it to the level where the exchange of the chemistry in the body reach a healthy level, and its functions work properly.

We know how important is metabolism for the body and the mind. It is important to learn ahead a time how to take care for the reflexes of the baby, how to improve his emotional development, how to prevent obesity problems and strengthen the neck muscles, helping to seize control on the head by rapidly.

Holding a newborn while it's doing baby yoga

Unfortunately, because of the broad interest in baby yoga, there are a lot of people who have studios to practice at. Invitations and different variations are easily found at every corner, but that doesn’t mean all of them are properly educated and can offer the best service. First check with you pediatrician. Than make sure you trust them because when it comes to a baby yoga, there should not be any compromises!

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