Baby feeding formula to apply, when breastfeeding is over

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If you were blessed to breastfeed your baby during the first weeks of its life, you might have started wondering when and how to start with real food nutrition at some point. Of course, we all know those weird stories about mothers, who keep breastfeeding their kids up to an age of 2-years old, for instance, but let’s leave this awkward moment for a scene in a Game of Thrones series only. Because, it’s embarrassing, indeed.

There are also mothers, who would lie about being already incapable of breastfeeding, but we’ll leave them this lie to their own. After all, it’s all about a parent’s decision, right?! What we are here for is to give you proper instructions about what medical experts usually claim to be right for a child.

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So when it comes to the right moment to start feeding your baby with solids, it’s somewhere between the 4th and 6th month. Of course, if you are out of milk, starting feeding your kid with real foods earlier is neither a sin nor a whole issue.

The thing is to follow the right scheme: when, how and what formula, which we are about to give you, for free and in details.

It is a crucial thing to start feeding your kid with solids not only depending on its age, but also on its growth. The baby should be already able to sit up and stay still. Otherwise, swallowing the solid food might become severe or even dangerous. Chewing motions, of course, are also important. Yes, you’ve already read all the possible online recipes for healthy and nutritive baby-style purées, but, yet your kid’s mouth must be prepared for the new challenge.

What’s the best food to start with?

Of course, an experienced mom will probably tell you “cereal,” while a doctor might recommend you to try rice. Both are good choices for you with one BUT. These foods are supposed to be 100% processed, bio and non-flavoured, aka suitable for babies.

Single-grain alternatives are also very popular these days, but you need to know that they will cost you more than the regular rice formula. In all cases, the consistency is the key. You need to let your baby get used to the new level of hardness of its food.

Sometimes, mummies believe their babies don’t like specific food, but later, it turns out that they have just not given them enough time to like the new food consistency.

Use blenders with high power to know your mixture is finely processed. Medical experts say a baby will refuse from 5 to 10 times a particular food type and only then you can for sure say it does not like it.

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But grains and rice are not the only foods you must offer to your baby.

Mincemeat is a great alternative, too, and it can be even replaced with the grains day by day. After its 6th month start with veggies and fruits at once.

What to avoid, when it comes to the first solid baby feeding? They say milk, soy, and honey products are not safe for a baby, but we know dozens of cases when yogurt is the best nutrition formula for a small child. Ask your pediatrician, if it’s good especially for your kid.

Crying is the best alarm for you to feed your baby, but missing more than two regular feeding per day is not ok. Also, it is important to know when to stop. There are mothers, who’ll love feeding their kids and they will go too far. So better try to guess when the food is enough. Too much can be as bad as too little!

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