Ivelina Todorov
Ivelina Todorov

Clinical psychologist and Yoga instructor

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🌲What are the Risks of Homeopathic Medicine?

#Homeopathic #medicine is known for many years. It is considered one of the most natural and harmless medicine systems ever created. But based on the roots of the studies and the means that it follows as rules, it appears that like any other things, if “wrong hands” used it may cause severe damage in the long term.


🚇 Is the NYC subway good for kids?

The New York City subway system with a total of 472 stations is among the top 10 most significant in the world. While this might be an excellent proof of urban development, it’s also a unique way to lower your and your kid’s health status. Let’s see some stats about the underground travels in NYC.

😂 What’s the fun in your name? 😂

There are many interesting aspects where you can simply evolve fun in the name that even most of the people do not know. This has also revealed the fun side of the name is making everyone to feel surprised to know about the funniest meanings that are dedicated to their names.