An improvised analyze for what will happen in a century or less due to global warming

Global warming has been number one topic for ecologists for almost a decade. However, the human’s impact on the Earth that leads to global warming risk and treat started much more long ago. What was done, though, is done. It is more important to stop doing all those harmful things to our planet – at least, if we are still willing to be living here. Because global warming will affect our entire life, soon, and our entire world, in a dreadful way!

Speaking of which, we have decided to make an improvised analyze for what will happen in a century or less due to global warming. We believe it is essential for all humans, not only eco organizations or national governments to take these effects into considerations. If we all do, we might be still able to change something. And when facing the possible adverse effect, a person, probably, gets twice more motivated to do something. Or in this case: to stop doing some things. Here is what we think our planet might face in future due to global warming, guys:

North pole global warming sign

Sea level will rise in almost all Earth regions

This effect is a common negative consequence from the global warming as the melting of two particular big ice sheets (on in Greenland and the other one – in Antarctica) is an entirely logical thing to happen. It is curious that one particular nation – the one on the Maldives Island – has been already started relocating because the new sea level in their ex-homeland has changed and they need a new home.

Those killing storms aren’t going be incidents, but regular climate events

More and more climate killers – tough storms that will do towns away with are about to come. People will face storms and hurricanes daily, which as you can think off now, will make them look for new homes, too.

Crops will fail…massively

Scientists are confident that growing plants has been changing for decades. When the real global warming effect comes to us, this change will be mainly negative. The collapse in crops has been already awaited. Dozens of regions are currently suffering from less and less harvest at the end of their year. Speaking of which, hunger will be the top world problem in future, too.

Not only plants, but animal species will disappear, too

The extinction of several species across the entire global is inevitable in the case of global warming. The climate changes are difficult for delicate animals to get used to. On the other side, the “weak” elements in the animal chain will put in hunger disaster the largest ones, when they get fewer or completely disappeared. 

Corals will disappear

The coral reefs will also disappear

Many scientists have even named the exact period when we can expect this to happen. Experts believe that if global warming continues heading to us, the coral reefs will disappear next century.

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