4 Reasons to have an icon at home

church icons insideMost religious houses have a common thing at home, and it’s the icon corner. The icon corner is a particular area in the living space (not on mandatory, the corner of the room), where a single or several icons are placed, and an improvised religious altar is located.

The icon is a must for extra-religious people, but you don’t have to go to the church every Sunday to have the right to arrange such a corner in your home. You don’t have to be regular in the church or to participate in charity or other religious events to have faith. Faith is about your inner perception of God, of signs your religion has. And having an icon at home is a matter of faith. But not only. Everyone can benefit from having an icon at home if being a Christian. Speaking of which, here are our top 4 reasons to have an icon at home, guys…

A symbol of your religion and faith if you want to show it to the whole world

Those envy Christians, who are keen on showing and spreading their beliefs usually accept the icon as a home décor. This is a décor that is a must, a décor that serves a bigger, more significant role than an everyday adoring role the vase or the painting has. Like having your national flag on your wall, placing an icon is parading with your identity in an entirely positive way.

church icons

Having a place to pray…

Well, if to most of you praying is a thing that only people from past used to do, others will say that praying is the right way to live. It is the motivation, the spiritual power you need to add to your strength and efforts when you want to achieve something when you fight against something when you deal with a huge emotional burden.

When you need your personal name’s or another patron nearby

Saint Minast Mina icon, for instance, is the patron of mothers and kids, the family’s saint that Orthodox church usually exposes in the form of an icon in its chapels. This is why many young women, who are trying to have a baby, pray to the Saint Mina’s icon at home.

For more spiritual atmosphere

Let’s face it: we live in a world, where the new LCD TV screen is the most precious thing in a living room and where gold and diamonds are the main decors in the bedroom. Should we go on with the rest of the premises at home…What we are trying to say is that home atmosphere is no longer what it used to be: an intimacy you can hide among and from the outside world, peace, where the spirit is the center of your world.

Having an icon at home might not be so popular these days, but those, who rely on this spiritual treasure will agree that it does make the difference in the domestic environment.

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